Does anyone know Rebecca?

If anyone’s missed our updates on Facebook or our events calendar online, you may not realise that tomorrow night is the Sotonettes’ inaugural Book Club meeting!  Our main Book Club page with all the vital information you need can be found here; we also have a Facebook event here.

Set up by one of the committee ladies, Kate, our new monthly meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the chosen book for the month.  Struggling to finish Rebecca?  Worry not, you’re still more than welcome to come along and chit chat about all sorts of things over a cup of hot chocolate at Cafe Creme on Bedford Place.  Only watched the movie?  Come along!  Just about managed the wikipedia entry (here, for those who need it!) but nothing else?  Come along!  Anyone interested in books, reading or just good old storytelling is welcome here.  It’s also not necessary to be a member of the Sotonettes either, so bring along your female friends too.

For those fast last-minute readers, all the copies of Rebecca have been borrowed from Southampton libraries, so you may need to widen your search.

We’ll shortly be announcing the November book too so please keep an eye out on the website or our Facebook page.