Resolutions 2015

Each year, one or two resolutions are proposed to the WI National AGM. Prior to this meeting, discussion at individual WI meetings takes place. At the AGM itself, the delegates who attend the meeting vote to decide which resolutions, if any, should be supported during the following year.

Unfortunately in 2015 the wording of the resolution proposed could not be agreed upon and no vote took place, leaving the WI without a new mandate for campaigning in 2016. The Sotonettes WI likes to support the WI resolutions and campaigns so decided to support a number of ongoing causes in 2016:

SOS for High Street (2013)  WI Resolution  & What the Sotonettes are doing

Love your Libraries (2011)  WI Resolution  & What the Sotonettes are doing

SOS for Honey Bees (2009) WI Resolution & What the Sotonettes are doing

The WI as a whole has a number of other campaigns that they support – details can be found on the WI Campaigns and Resolutions pages