Book Club scores

Competition Judge Giving Surprisingly High Score
After a few months of Book Club meetings, a few people suggested that each book could be scored out of 10 to help keep a record of those books most enjoyed by the Sotonettes but to also help guide people looking for a great read.  Unfortunately a simple suggestion is never simple and everyone quickly decided that it was just too difficult to decide on a single score out of 10 for each book! After much debate and discussion, no less than 5 categories have been agreed and selected!
At the end of each meeting, the 5 categories below are discussed and something alike to bartering takes place between everyone to find an agreed score.  For the sake of everyone else, we also average out the 5 scores to give the ‘Sotonettes Rating’ – additional statistical methods have been discussed but fingers crossed we just stick with averages for now!
The past scores are:
Plot – 8/10
Portrayal of women – 7/10
Writing style – 9/10
Enjoyment – 9/10
Discussion – 9/10

Sotonettes Rating = 8.4/10

Plot – 5/10
Portrayal of women – 2/10
Writing style – 4/10
Enjoyment – 3/10
Discussion – 5/10

Sotonettes Rating = 3.8/10

Anna Karenina:
Plot – 6/10
Portrayal of women – 8/10
Writing style – 5/10
Enjoyment – 5/10
Discussion – 6/10
Sotonettes Rating = 6/10

Gone Girl:
Plot – 6.5/10
Portrayal of women – 7/10
Writing style – 4/10
Enjoyment – 6/10
Discussion – 9/10
Sotonettes Rating = 6.5/10

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