Would you like to see Frankenstein?

If any of you were getting dressed up for Halloween, I hope you had fun and are still in the mood for some scary stories!  After an incredibly inspiring and interesting talk from Tracey at the Nuffield this week, we’ve got ourselves in the theatre mood and are heading out for a few evenings of theatre-related fun – would you like to join us?

First up is a trip to see Frankenstein at the Harbour Lights Picturehouse (for more about Frankenstein, scroll down to our earlier blog post or click here if you’re lazy!).

We’re going to the showing on Thursday November 14th at 7pm – join in on our Facebook event here for all the information.  If you’re not on Facebook and can’t get all the info, drop us an email at sotonettes@gmail.com and we’ll pass on everything you need to know.

After that, we’ll be visiting in the Nuffield on Thursday December 5th – keep an eye on Facebook and this site for more information about getting tickets (this trip will be open to all members and their partners/children/friends!).