We’ve moved!

Hi everyone!  

We’ll be making some big changes to the Sotonettes website in the next month – due to this, we’ve had to move webhosts and also change our blog a little bit too.  

If you follow this blog (you’ll probably be emailed a notification that we’ve put up this post if you do), we’d like you to follow our new one now please!  

The new blog is at www.sotonettes.co.uk (this one is on sotonettes.wordpress.com). Just go to www.sotonettes.co.uk and look on the right hand side of the page – you may need to scroll down a little – until you find the box named ‘Subscribe to Sotonettes Blog by email’.  Just pop in your email address and click the Subscribe button and you’ll never miss another one of our informative ramblings again.

Apologies for the inconvenience of all this – hopefully you’ll be seeing a bigger and better Sotonettes website soon!

Jen (Sotonettes webmistress)