The official New Forest Show schedule is here!

Last week, three Sotonettes members ventured to the edge of the New Forest to find out the final details about the WI tent at The New Forest Show. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, see our previous blog posts here and here.

We are now able to reveal the final Schedule. A scanned copy will be available shortly but the typed version below has the same information. The parts in italics do not appear in the schedule but come from some very active discussion during the meeting and are extra information for entrants.

If you’re interested in taking part in one or more of the categories, let us know – we’ll be getting a New Forest Show group together in the next few weeks. We have a copy of “On With The Show” (OWTS) which everyone can consult… lots of vital info is in there! Please get in touch if you’d like more information or would like to take part – either send us a message on Facebook or email us at


2014 Women’s Institute Schedule, New Forest Show

Theme: Myths and Legends

1. William Tell’s Apple Jelly. See OWTS p129-132. A small jar of Apple Jelly (no larger than 225g/8oz). Recipe: Use either cooking or crab apples. Allow 1 pint of water to 1lb of fruit. Simmer fruit to a pulp (no need to peel or core the fruit). Put pulp through thick muslin or a jelly bag and hang overnight. Measure juice and allow 1 pint juice to 1 lb sugar and boil rapidly until set. No other ingredients or flavourings allowed. Must use a wax disc and screw top lid or a wax disc and a cellophane cover. No restriction on date of potting.

2. Hallowe’en. 3 cup cakes presented on a circular disposable plate – no larger than 8″ (20cm). Your design should represent this celebration. No decorating of plate/board allowed. Both decorations and cake itself will be judged. 3 different designs, no restrictions on sizes as long as all 3 fit on the plate.

3. Bacchus’ Fruit Syrup. See OWTS p135. 250ml syrup shown in a clear glass bottle with a screw top. Not wine! Preferably no trademark or logo on bottle or bottle top. Label and date of bottling required.

4. Finn McCool (Irish Giant) – Produce Co-operative. 3 small Irish Food tasters. Ready displayed in a rustic box no larger than 12″ x 9″ (30cm x 23cm). Accessories may only be used inside the box. The exhibit will be viewed from the longer side.  At least 3 members to take part. No baskets may be used – must be a box. No restriction on height. No board required – just bring box and contents already laid out within.

5. Guinevere’s Beaded Bracelet. A beaded bracelet suitably presented. Present it on a display stand, velvet card or covered circle of card. No need for the materials or design to be medieval but indications of this period are fine. No restrictions on design or type of beads used.

6. Mythical Beast – A Stuffed Toy. A toy using any craft and can be any size.  No restrictions at all here – the toy can be a replica of a ‘real’ mythical beast, e.g. Loch Ness monster, or one you have dreamt up yourself!

7. Magical Charity Quilt (for the Linus Project). Sizes requested are 20″ square (51cm) OR 30″ x 40″ (76cm x 1m approximately) OR 40″ square (1 m). Any craft, sewn or knitted but no embellishments or lacy patterns please. The quilt can be backed with fleece but does not have to be padded. Indicate on entry form if you are happy for quilt to be donated to Project Linus after the show. Fleece not mandatory but recommended. If knitting, use a close pattern and back with fleece/fabric to keep it together. Should be washable.

8. Aesop’s Fables – Craft Co-operative. Select 3 crafts from the following: Calligraphy, canvas work (this includes cross-stitch on aida), cold porcelain, hand embroidery, hand knitting, lace or macrame to portray your selected fable. The exhibit should be displayed on a board no larger than 30″ wide x 24″ deep (77 x 61cm) to be viewed from the longer side.  Only one fable can be portrayed. No height restriction for back boards or staging.

9. Iris – Goddess of Rainbows (Novice Class). A fresh flower arrangement. The display shown on a 12″ (31cm) square board. The overall width no greater than 18″ (46cm) and the height appropriate to the chosen design. Accessories can be used bu no loose items on the board. The exhibit should arrive at the Showground ready assembled and will be displayed on a tiered and neutral background (provided). The Novice Class is pen to members who have not previously won a 1st prize in the category in the WI Marquee. No need to use only irises!

10. Mythical Setting. A photograph with atmosphere (portrait or landscape style). The entry should be no larger than 7″x5″ (18x13cm) and must be mounted, framed and ready to hang. No clip frames please. The chosen frame should complement the photograph but will not be judged.

11. Mermaids & Neptune. A painting using any medium but nothing sewn or stitched.  This exhibit must be gramed and ready to hang but no clip frames. The overall width no larger than 14″ (35cm) and the height appropriate to the design. Painting can be done on glass but will not be hung with light from behind. Dimensions includes the frame.

12. The Little People – Committee Cup (Public vote). A decorated Garden Gnome or Fairy.  One entry per WI and perhaps a combined effort from a group of members. Make your gnome or fairy yourselves – nothing is provided this year! Think about maybe using recycled materials or buy a shape and then decorate. Make whatever you fancy! No size limits. Item should stand up but can be supported by a stand or on a board.