breadToday is the last day of Real Bread Maker Week, which has run from the 10th to the 16th of May 2014.

I have long dreamt of being able to make a loaf or roll as good as those I get in the lovely little Hampshire bakeries, but never thought I had the time or skill to do it! I’ve watched plenty of Paul Hollywood’s muscles ripple while throwing dough around his kitchen but it looks like a bit too much hard work!

However, earlier this year I went along to the Baking Lab of Bake with Maria to learn the art of French Bread making with a fantastic tutor, Emmanuel. We made chocolate chip brioche, baguettes and fougasse – all without breaking into a sweat!  I’ve now discovered a relaxing (and successful way to make bread) – have a look on our Facebook page later on as I’ll be posting pictures of this week’s baguettes later on…

my breadTo find out more about making bread, have a look at the website for the Real Bread Campaign – it’ll convert anyone away from supermarket bread!

If you too have tried making your own bread, please let us know and pop up some pictures on our Facebook page!

Jen x